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Tribune 24/7
Tribune 24/7

Tribune 24/7

 Published on November 6, 2018

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Tribune 24/7 (previously Express 24/7) is an English language television news channel headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. The channel is owned by the Lakson Group which also owns its sister channel Express-News and newspaper Daily Express and The Express Tribune.

Express 24/7 was the second English-language television channel to be established in Pakistan, with Dawn News being the first. After Dawn News shifted to Urdu broadcasts in February 2010, Express 24/7 remained the only 24-hour English-language news channel in Pakistan until its closure in November 2011.

The Express 24/7 CEO, Sultan Lakhani, cited the dismal economic condition and the insufficient number of advertisement as the main reasons behind the closure. With the shutdown of Express 24/7, the era of local English news channels in Pakistan comes to an end.

Subsequently, BBC News and CNN returned to being the only TV source for English news in Pakistan.[1] A state-owned English news channel PTV World was launched in 2013 and was the only English news channel in Pakistan till the relaunch of Express 24/7 as Tribune 24/7 again this year.


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