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Joo Music
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 Published on October 22, 2015 and last modified on November 17, 2018

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1. What are Joo Silver 3 and Royal DC?

There are some local shopping centers are giving free winning Coppin on minimum limit shopping, and every shopping center have specific time as we give to draw of Coppin number on our channel (we are media partner of them) and who have that Winning Coppin number will be won different items (microwave own, washing machine, juicer machine etc). JooSilver3 and Royal DC both are the Coppin name.

2. How do users enter Joo Silver 3 and Royal DC?

It's only a shopping center Coppin system, the user only can enter who will shop across the minimum limit which is different from every shopping center.

3. Are there any prizes associated?

If so, then what are those prizes, and how are those prizes won?
As mentioned that every shopping center has its own prize like (microwave own, washing machine, juicer machine etc).

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