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Awaz TV News

Awaz TV News

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 Posted on June 15, 2014, and last modified on 7 months ago.

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Awaz TV News

Goal & Vision

Awaz’s primary goal is to create greater value for our viewers, employees, and society. We strive to be a  driving force in creating a different source of media entertainment and simplifying information.

At  Awaz, we  see  how  media benefits  people’s   lives  everyday and  realizes  the  important  role  of  media   industry   in  socio economic  development.

Awaz will  allow people to  stay in touch  with day to day Regional, National  and  International  affairs  along  with  excellent   family entertainment. We  will educate  related societies in the fields  of  Technical  Education, Law, Social Responsibilities, and Basic Health.

We  will  be  presenting  true  culture  of Sindh  around  the  globe and  Awaz will  be the real face of a common  Sindhi  man. The distribution  of  our  programs  (Information 40%  and Entertainment 60%) will allow us to play major role in the development of related communities.

We are committed to providing high-quality information and entertainment programs keeping in view regional culture and norms.  Therefore,  we have designed our programs both demographically and geographically to make it as easy to understand as possible.

Awaz will be a source of employment directly to more than 500  people and indirectly to around 800 people.

Awaz will play a major role to inform and educate a common man through its various means which ultimately will result in positive effects of socio-economic developments.