VTV (Maldives)

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VTV (Maldives) is a tv station from Maldives. You can Watch VTV (Maldives) live online and all the TVs from VTV (Maldives) through live-TV-channels

VTV (Maldives)
VTV (Maldives)

VTV (Maldives)

 Published on July 14, 2018 and last modified on December 1, 2018

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VTV is the second private TV channel of the Maldives. It was inaugurated in 2008. The channel is run under the umbrella of V Media Group which include VFM, Weekly, and VNews. It was founded by famous businessman and politician of Maldives Hon. Qasim Ibrahim.

It is one of the most watched channels in the Maldives. VTV was one of the TV stations which introduced new features, such as an official app. VTV was the first Maldivian channel to show the FIFA World Cup in HD format.

The channel was attacked many times during the revolution of Maldives in 2012. This channel's slogan is Challenge TV ("My TV").

This channel brings many sports and political events to the local. Shows of VTV Fasmanzaru, Ameenge Malaafai, Nuvagadi, Kudakudhinge Bageechaa, V Kids, V select, Friday night with Hamish, V Sports, VTV School singing competition, Kushuge Hafaraiy and many more

VTV's COO Mohamed Asif was previously one of the heads of Television Maldives and CEO of VTV Ibrahim Khaleel also worked in many channels. It shows new faces and other faces that worked on other channels also.

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