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Prarthana Bhawan TV

 Posted on October 31, 2015, and last modified on 4 months ago.

In the year 1996 as Fr. Basil Mookkanthottathil was praying, he saw a forest where people do not know about Christianity. So he started to search the forest and he came to Machian Khurd where we have at present Prabhu Yesu Da Prarthan Bhawan Ludhiana.

By the blessing of Bishop Symopherion, Fr. Basil bought land near the forest at Machian Khurd village in Ludhiana in the year 1997. There was only a mud house in that land where he stayed. No servant, bathroom, electricity & water facility was there at that time.

He had no money even to spend for his daily needs. He started to stay there and fast and pray for the people, and a lot of people started to come to Prabhu Yesu Da Prarthan Bhawan, to get blessings from Jesus Christ through Mother Mary of Holy Rosary.


Our vision is to take Jesus Christ to the people through the medium of Television. We spread the Gospel values around the globe and make people aware of the compassionate love of Christ who although being a Son of God, emptied Himself and embraced Cross for our salvation.


The motive of Prarthana Bhawan Television is to go “Around the World with the Word”. To enrich and strengthen the human persons and human souls Spiritually, Biblically and humanly through the Word of God. Therefore, the programs of Prarthana Bhawan TV are designed and produced in a manner that they preach the Word of God and reach the masses in a simple yet effective way.