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India 24x7
India 24x7

India 24x7

 Published on October 16, 2018

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India 24x7 is an Infotainment channel that showcases both NEWS and GEC content. It is a channel meant for the common people giving an equal platform to one & all. As an empowering medium and a trendsetter, India 24X7 churns out diversified content with the positive intent to engage the youth along with the family. It brings a ray of hope with positive news amidst the rampant prevalence of negative headlines. The channel shows not just the sunny side up, it deals with human interest stories and entertains through soaps and films. For advertisers and external stakeholders, India 24X7 provides innovative advertising and brand integration opportunities, and since it highlights GEC content and News shows, it provides advertisers with the opportunity to reap the benefits of being the “First Mover You can also follow us on our mobile site

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