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Galicia TV Europa

Watch Galicia TV Europa online from Spain without cable TV or satellite?
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Watch Galicia TV Europa online

 Posted on August 12, 2017, and last modified on 6 months ago.

CRTVG reaches by land all over Gaul, northern Portugal and western Asturias and Castile and León. Galicia TV Europe and Galicia TV America are two channels specifically designed to raise awareness of Galician news and culture outside our territory.

The Galician and the new TVG2 channel complement each other to serve the interests of all types of audiences.

The three broadcast channels offer information, music and special programs that allow the listener to be the first to stay up to date. It is a participative radio where listeners interact through new information technologies. They play a key role in promoting Galician music by opening their studios to recordings and concerts.

Televisión de Galicia

The corporation that covers Televisión de Galicia and Radio Galega; a means of television and radio communication pioneering the use of the Galician language. We are a public service that, since 1985, brings the news to the audience immediately. We handle the proximity information and guarantee the coverage and the most complete monitoring of every informative event that takes place in Galicia.