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A1 Balkan

Watch A1 Balkan online from Spain without cable TV or satellite?
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Watch A1 Balkan online

 Posted on October 23, 2015, and last modified on 4 weeks ago.

A1 TV Network International SL based in Spain, as well as our central company in Bosnia and Herzegovina Dobra televizija doo Sarajevo, AVVA Andorra, Dobra Srbija doo Belgrade, as well as Dobra Makedonija dooel Skopje, and Dobra Fondacija BiH, have made great strides in winning media market on a global scale and have become part of the everyday life of our citizens in the region and throughout the diaspora.

RTV network consists of more than 200 TV channels and about 30 radio stations. In addition to our own broadcasters, for most others, we provide playout, distribution via cable, OTT, web, and other platforms, on a commercial or non-commercial basis.

  1. A1 TV NETWORK INTERNATIONAL SL - A company registered in Spain, Las Palmas, with valid EU licenses to broadcast TV programs in Spain, the EU, and globally, via satellite, terrestrial, terrestrial-digital (TDT), IPTV, cable, IPTV and Web networks. The company owns NOC - Network Operation Center, studio and office space in Maspalomas (South of Gran Canaria). 
  2. Dobra Televizija doo Sarajevo - A sister company registered in BiH, Sarajevo, with valid licenses for terrestrial digital (TDT), IPTV, cable, IPTV and Web broadcasting. The company's activity is the provision of telecommunications services, as well as broadcasting RTV programs, and distribution of audio-visual content for our partners, as well as providing services for end-users through the existing rising platform "Dobra TV", for which we have new requirements every day. a larger number.
  3. Good Foundation - of which we are the founder, whose members are broadcasters from the region, individuals, and organizations and which is a meeting point for young people from the region eager for knowledge and cooperation in the field of telecommunications, through various educational, cultural, entertainment and other projects.