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Souvenirs from earth is a tv channel from Germany. You can watch Souvenirs from earth and all other programmes of Souvenirs from earth live online through live-TV-channels

Souvenirs from earth
Souvenirs from earth

Souvenirs from earth

 Published on November 1, 2015 and last modified on August 5, 2017

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SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH is an international Cable TV station, currently broadcasting in France and Germany, presenting a 24h art program, based on Video Art, Film, Visual art, Music, Installations and Performances.

Founder Marcus Kreiss and Curator Alec Crichton conceived this channel as a platform where artists of different sensibilities can find a high-end environment to experience new forms of distribution and presentation. Our production section produces commissioned and free video art.

We are open for submissions, so if you are an artist and you think your work fits into our program, please follow our SUBMISSION procedure. If you would like to sponsor a program block or buy a film, please contact us.

We support alternative and independent cultural initiatives that encourage intellectual and artistic development and change. Our goal is to enable diversity and independence in order to increase autonomy and professionalism, driving innovation and promoting dialogue and networking in the arts and beyond.

The digital revolution in TV broadcast has freed bandwidth for special interest programs and at the same time, new flat screens and sophisticated projection technologies opened a field of new aesthetic possibilities. The public space TV belongs to, is now ready for a station that is a work of art as a whole. Bigger flat screens can now become an art terminal, a place for an ever-changing proposition of artistic content, including a new immersive form of video art, the 'video painting'. As the Video art pioneer Nam June Paik said in the 60s, already having the concept for an Art TV station in mind: "....normal TV bores you and makes you nervous, this soothes you...."

Or as Captain Kirk might have put it: "We collect glimpses of everyday life, 'souvenirs from the earth', to be used in a darker future by a couple of people that escaped our planet before it collapsed." This hypothesis may allow us to get a better view of the very simple things of our life, generating a global awareness for the grace and fragility of our life on planet Earth.

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