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 Posted on November 3, 2015

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Grace Century’s Scott Wolf to Host Maghreb24 TV's Financial News Segment

A first of its kind, North African Internet television station, Maghreb24 TV taps financial industry veteran, Scott Wolf, CEO of UAE-based Grace Century, FZ LLC to host a regular segment as a contributing commentator on world business.

Grace Century’s CEO, Scott Wolf, has been invited to be a daily contributor on business for the groundbreaking, post “Arab Spring” media outlet Maghreb24 TV (M24 TV). M24 TV is an enterprise produced by young people and for the young people of Maghreb. It celebrates the enduring spirit that inspired the Arab Spring.

Just a year old, this TV and radio enterprise promotes cultural understanding but also carries a range of TV channels from entertainment, news, financial, real estate and more. It also has strong support from an international television channel via multi-language programs M24 TV has its broadcasting operations in the famous beach resort of Hammamet, Tunisia. It expected to be listed on multiple stock exchanges this year.

“I am honored to be invited by M24 TV as a contributor to their newly launched media endeavor. The Maghreb region was once considered the Paris of Africa, and the plans I have seen to re-capture this, in infrastructure and in business, are extremely ambitious and exciting.” Scott Wolf commented. “The Maghreb Market is thirsty for a Western perspective in finance and I hope my years of experience will lend to this effort,” he added.

Scott Wolf started his career in the trading pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Originally he arbitraged for Merrill Lynch, working with one of the largest Greek International Gold traders when Chicago was considered the dominant Gold Market in the 1980s. Wolf feels it gave him a unique “hands-on” experience to finance resulting from derivatives. He later went on to be an arbitrager for eight different banks in the D-Mark pits and then as an S&P 500 pit trader. He is currently the CEO of Grace Century, FZ LLC, an international private equity and research firm based in Dubai.

“I believe that today’s markets are truly international and money and business will go to where the greatest opportunity may lay,” qualifies Wolf. ”The Maghreb region and the Middle East are an excellent fit in this category.”

About Grace Century, FZ LLC

Grace Century is an international research and private equity consultancy located in Ras Al Khaimah (north of Dubai) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Grace Century specializes in “game-changing” life science and health-related private equity projects.

About Maghreb 24 TV, Inc.

Maghreb24 TV (Arabic & English): the special TV Channel for international Business & Finance News. The Channel will broadcast reports success stories, CEO interviews and much more. The target group of this TV Channel is the Maghreb and Middle East viewers.