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Bangla 21 is a tv station from Bangladesh. You can Watch Bangla 21 live online and all the TVs from Bangla 21 through live-TV-channels

Bangla 21
Bangla 21

Bangla 21

 Published on November 2, 2015 and last modified on August 8, 2018

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Bangla21 TV is a web Based Television from Bangladesh.

It’s a non-profitable and 100% advertisement free Television, which is presenting Bangladesh throughout the world since 2011.

Bangla21 has launched with a vast horizon of possibilities and brought a technical revolution in web-based television of Bangla media.

it’s was a small project which fist inaugurated in January 2011, I showed my project to my friends & family, many of them discouraged me, but I didn’t stop & decided to establish a web-based channel in Bangla.

Bangla21 stared test transmission at 21 February 2011 & full face transmission since 26-11-2011 to till now.

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