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 Published on November 2, 2015, and last modified on 2 months ago.

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On September 29th, 1963 Tele Aruba N.V. proudly began to operate as the first Aruban National television company. Because the Dutch Antilles Government at that time did not plan to open a television station, it took great effort and sacrifice to build Tele Aruba N.V. and its concept.

The Dutch Antilles Government planned to open a relay-transmitter through Tele-Curacao, the television station in Curacao, so the community of Aruba can also watch Tele-Curacao. Tele-Curacao began its operation during the month of July in 1960 through the central government of the Dutch Antilles.

During this time, the BARTELL GROUP, managed by Gerald Barter decided together with the government of the Dutch Antilles that “pay television” was not possible in Curacao, hence they received permission to work with commercials to raise funds.

The Dutch Antilles Government and Bartell group founded NATEC, which is the acronym for Netherlands Antilles Television & Electronic Company.