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Watch Salto 1 online

 Posted on October 31, 2015, and last modified on 5 months ago.

How to Watch Salto 1 From Everywhere in the World

Want to watch this channel while traveling abroad? With the right Virtual Private Network (VPN), It’s easier than you might think. These is the articles we’ll explain how a VPN can help you live to stream this TV channel from anywhere in the world.


Media in the capital of free opinion

The Netherlands is the country of opinion. And Amsterdam is the capital of that. This is where most opinions come together. And you can say what you want. We are proud of it. Combine those elements and you get what SALTO stands for: the proud, free opinion of everyone.

We give that free opinion a platform on radio, TV, and web. For everyone and for free. Where necessary, we help you to set up your own channel. And we also leave you free to broadcast what you want. Unabridged and uncensored. We are not guided by ratings or advertisers' interests.

That provides a special picture. From Amsterdam in all its diversity. With a heart on the tongue, with humor, guts, and a great sense of drama. With his grand plans and small dreams. And with a strong debate at the cutting edge. Without anyone saying it's enough or what you should think. Because as an Amsterdammer you know that yourself.

SALTO is the public broadcaster that suits Amsterdam perfectly. Everyone is welcome here. Whimsy is embraced here, ties are forged and differences are celebrated. This is Amsterdam at its most real. Non-stop, unsettled, and uncut. And always surprising.

Do-it-yourself media

SALTO offers an Open Access platform, which means that at SALTO all Amsterdammers can be a maker. SALTO provides a value-free, democratic environment that gives media makers from various Amsterdam communities a voice.

SALTO supports the program makers with broadcasting on radio channels and television channels through affordable broadcasting facilities, technical support, and training. Unadulterated 'do-it-yourself' media is what SALTO stands for, and we, therefore, encourage our makers to work completely independently.

Education and Innovation

SALTO regularly opens its doors to educational projects. The Hogeschool van Amsterdam and the Media College Amsterdam are among our partners. We would also like to welcome children from primary and secondary school for a peek into the media kitchen. SALTO also experiments with the latest technological developments.

Create a program?

Live programs are usually made on radio, but we can also play an audio file. On TV you can make a traditional program that is broadcast at a fixed time in the week or short items that we then broadcast in a carousel during the 'shorts'. Most TV programs come to us as ready-made videos, but a live broadcast from our studio is also possible.

Have you already made a film or program; a one-off item or several episodes, we can also send that out! Send us content or a trailer with an explanation to us, then we will look together what is possible 'on the channel'.

There are also various parties who use our studios to make recordings and podcasts for their own (digital) channels. Are you interested in this? Then inquire about the possibilities and costs.


S ALTO has three radio studios and a TV studio with a green screen in Pakhuis de Zwijger. We make these studios available at an affordable rate and are used to make recordings or for a live broadcast on one of our channels.

In addition, we have 2 television channels and 4 radio channels for our makers; SALTO1, SALTO2, CaribbeanFM, Radio SALTO, Razo, and MokumRadio. There are also reasonable prices for this. We also provide an ether frequency for RAZO. For makers who make a program on these channels, there is an On-Demand platform on our site where their program can be seen.

We also facilitate an editorial and studio space for FunX Radio and the Concert Zender also regularly uses our studios.

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This webcast is delayed slightly from the televised broadcast, up to approximately 60 seconds, depending upon your internet connection speed and computer configuration. Please keep this in mind when calling in with requests.

We will always try to updating this tv channel so that you can watch comfortably. We re-publish content from the third-party television stations, sometimes susceptible to interference from television broadcast sources that we take to be embedded in this page.

If you find the channel that is not working properly, please visit the Official website for the Salto 1. We are not affiliated in any way with the broadcast and not responsible for their contents. All contents are copyright of respective owners.

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