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 Posted on October 23, 2015, and last modified on 12 months ago.

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How to Watch Spin TV From Everywhere in the World

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Spin TV, the specialty TV channel focussing on the Real Estate sector, has assigned the mandate of revenue monetization to Helios Media.

The Real Estate sector in India has been growing rapidly at the rate of 11.2% CAGR (FY2008-2020) And the needs of this sector are being currently addressed by Print supplements Internet and outdoor largely. It is for the first time in the history of Indian broadcast business that a TV channel dedicated fully to the Real Estate sector has been launched.

Spin TV will offer consumers the ease of surfing from the comfort of their homes for a complete view of the property that they so desire t0 the short-list. Along with such show-cases, the channel will also have shows on tourist destinations,  Vaastu and interiors,  new concepts in living styles and dream homes.

The channel will target the affluent, educated audiences primarily in the metros. The channel is being distributed across large MSO platforms in the western region of India.

Helios Media which has successfully handled specialty TV channels such as MTunes HD, FoodFood, Music Express, FTV,  FataFati, and EPIC will now take on the mandate of positioning a niche product such as SPIN to provide true value for the brand.

OMNIL CEO Manish Rachh said, "In Helios Media, we saw their ability to position channels in the advertiser market in a way that works both in the favor of the advertiser and the channel. Since SPIN TV is in a very segmented space, it was important for us to assign the monetization to a team that truly comprehends the value of such an offering”.

Bala Iyengar, COO of Helios Media said: “The core of Helios Media is to look “Beyond Obvious” and we have been successfully achieving huge wins purely on the basis of providing the missing link between content and communication who are both addressing the same consumer base. Identifying this space and appropriate positioning will, therefore, lead to the true value of the channel”.

About Us

If one wants to see the changing face of modern India, it is to be found on millions of TV screens. The TV has captured the rhythm of change, showcasing lifestyles, tastes, and aspirations of Indian people through its myriad programs on food, fashion, travel, sports, entertainment, business, and has become an indispensable element of daily life, penetrating deep into the living rooms of urban and rural households.

By riding on the telecom and internet technology, it has emerged as a force-multiplier, by entering workplaces and play-fields, where millions of Indians work and relax. The growth of the TV medium has profoundly impacted the Indian audiences, as millions identify with the character and content of programs that entertain, inform and even persuade.

This ability of TV to influence the hearts and minds of its viewers has been effectively used by several sections of business and industry, whose numerous products and services are successfully promoted through creativity and imagination. In this exciting media scenario, showcasing and projecting countless products and services, thereby contributing to the Indian growth story, there is one vital sector of the Indian economy, which is yet to be fully benefited by the powerful magic of television.

With a turnover of 46 billion US Dollars, and employing the 2nd largest workforce in the country, the Real Estate industry, truly epitomizes the Indian growth story. But ironically this mammoth economic powerhouse contributing 12% of the Indian G.D.P., the real estate industry, by and large, uses conventional media like print and outdoor advertising to promote itself. But this is soon likely to change dramatically.

Optimus Media Network India Limited is about to make waves by bringing on the TV scene a new innovation that would light up the horizons of an emerging India whose landscapes are changing with the real estate revolution taking place in cities, towns and rural areas. Optimus Media Network India Limited is about to make waves by bringing on the TV scene a new innovation that would light up the horizons of an emerging India whose landscapes are changing with the real estate revolution taking place in cities, towns and rural areas.

There is a team of outstanding professionals behind the Optimus Media Network India Limited initiative. This team will ensure that the story of the Real Estate revolution is told to the right people, at the right place, and in the right manner. Something which only SPIN TV West, to be launched by Optimus Media Network India Limited, can do. It will have the ability to communicate and persuade potential customers in a way no conventional media like outdoor or print can ever achieve.

SPIN TV West will be characterized by a fascinating array of interesting programs that will attract the viewership of desired psychographic and demographic profiles. The programs will be presented in an easy to access and universally used Hinglish lingo which is emerging as a language with the national currency.

Spin TV: A real estate based channel

MUMBAI: Looking at investing in real estate? Well, now rely not only on a half an hour real estate based show on some channel, but tune in to a real estate channel. Christened Spin TV, the soon to be launched free to air (FTA) channel will be headquartered in Mumbai, showcasing the real estate industry and its related topic-based programs. The channel will be launched by Optimus Media Network India and has been conceived by its CEO Manish Rach.

Spin TV will not only provide platforms for promoting real estate information, market analysis, housing policies and advertisements for developers to sell their real estate but also provide important services like raising issues relevant to developers in government and non-government forums, suggesting policy changes, making representations via panel discussion, and giving the developers a unified front.

The channel will act as a single point of information for the developer community for the latest developments in the industry and will also help members connect with experts who can offer specific advice.

Set to go on air in the second quarter of this year, Spin TV will air a bouquet of programs across genres of real estate, tourist destination, architectures, Vastu and interiors. The channel has included programs that introduce new concepts in living styles and provides information on a dream home, real estate advisors, renovation ideas and latest trends in interior furnishings and so on.

Targeted at the age group of 25 to 50, Spin TV will be distributed via all DTH, cable and satellite platforms across the western region of India. The channel is looking at airing original and engaging programming which can bring high audience involvement and viewer loyalty.

OMNIL CEO Manish Rachh said, "The channel will be one of the key platforms for showcasing the vast growth potential of the real estate sector and introduction of their property that respond to viewers' needs. The real estate markets in India have been developed to a phase of rapid growth in recent years and hence, television plays an important role influencing the real estate market which can have an effect on people’s understanding of the real estate industry, which can then affect their actions and purchase behaviors.

Spin TV will be driving traffic through our various targeted marketing strategies and partnerships. The channel is supported by its own portal and mobile apps making it available on every device riding multiple clouds and content delivery networks. It is India’s first video support portal. It offers any device, any place video upload to the seller and a true video-on-demand facility for the prospective buyer” he added.

While the channel has been launched in the western region, it will be available in the north and south and would also be introduced in the Middle East and the USA in a short span of time.

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