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 Posted on November 2, 2015, and last modified on 4 months ago.

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The program ranges from versatile shop programs for spiritual lifestyle products to "Easy Life - Time for me" the magazine for a conscious and balanced life. You can reach us either via satellite or online via the live stream.

Astro TV is a private German television broadcaster operated by Adviqo that deals with astrology and esotericism. It is distributed in all German cable networks and also on the program slots of several other stations. With its broadcaster Astro TV, Adviqo has belonged to a group of investors around part of the founders since 2018.


The program mainly deals with astrology, horoscopes, clairvoyance, and card reading. Interested viewers can call on a chargeable number. If a random generator has selected the viewer, they can seek advice to live on the television program. In addition, Astro TV offers all first callers a free call on a free 0800 number.

According to Astro TV, there is no random number generator that selects a viewer, but the order of the callers is decisive. From time to time, first callers go live to advertise this advice in a live interview.

Accompanying the program, a webshop was operated on the station's homepage for eight years until it was discontinued around the end of 2014. It advertised relevant astrology products and was also accessible from Germany via an 0800 telephone number.

General criticism

A critical feature article published by the FAZ in 2007 criticized that the statements made by the life coaches were mostly very vague so that they could apply to everyone. Not every viewer who calls can also reach a broadcast live to speak directly about his or her concern. The cult commissioner of the Evangelical Central Office for Weltanschauung issues, Matthias Pöhlmann, sees the same contribution as a great risk of mental dependence.

On February 12, 2015, action artists from the Peng Collective smuggled a fake clown into an AstroTV program. During the live broadcast, he crushed an egg on the moderator's head and said that the broadcaster was fraudulent and that his license had been revoked. The action artists want to use the action to draw attention to the dubious methods of the station.

The blog of the Society for the Scientific Study of Para Sciences (GWUP) indicated that the campaign was supported by members of the Hamburg GWUP regional group, but without giving details. The broadcaster responded to the action by sending the activists a warning requesting that the video of the action not be distributed.

Peng then made a video for which the original action artist, again disguised as a "clown", asked the Astro TV telephone hotline for help because a video of him should be removed from Youtube; however, the connection between the call and the Peng injunction was not resolved in the telephone call itself. Peng then signed an injunction.

Adviqo AG then sued Peng for damages (at least 3,000 euros) and legal fees incurred (approx. 1,140 euros) for the dissemination of excerpts from the Astro TV clown show in a YouTube video by Peng. According to the Peng artist's lawyer, the district court in Berlin, which had jurisdiction over the first instance, dismissed the lawsuit “on the grounds (...) that the content of the YouTube video is a media policy opinion in the form of a critical examination of the AstroTV business model and that Video is, therefore, an independent work. "

In March 2015, reported on a petition that apparently called for complaints to be made to the protest campaign by the (not named) artist group Peng and a report on the ARD talk show Beckmann entitled "AstroTV is evil" Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg to turn.

This stated that there were around 100 complaints "because of dubious offers and fraudulent machinations". In a statement, Astro TV denied dubious business practices and referred to "more than 1,250,000 callers" and its "popularity with those seeking advice", the viewers.

Also in 2015, Die Zeit reported second-hand on an internal Astro TV conversation guide that Christ & Welt had. This would give the Astro TV employees concrete examples of conversations for the manipulation of customers, as is also quoted in the period, for example, with the conclusion: "Fraud à la carte".

Astro TV was awarded the negative price of the golden aluminum hat in the "Esoteric" category in 2016.

Since the mid-2000s, AstroTV has been one of the preferred goals of Oliver Kalkofe in his media satire program Kalkofes Matt Screen.

A prominent partner of Adviqo AG, to which, in addition to Astro TV, other esoteric companies such as B. Questico and Viversum belong to the well-known Bundesliga referee Deniz Aytekin.

Consequences for callers

In 2007, the FAZ reported in its critical feature article about a woman who telephoned 38,000 euros between March 2006 and March 2007 and finally went to psychological counseling; According to the woman's parents, only two or three of the 60 “experts” called had “come to professional help”; otherwise, the business model through which the woman finally got into debt was simply pulled through.

Only when the woman entrusted herself to her parents did they turn to the State Authority for Media North Rhine-Westphalia, which is not responsible for the broadcaster with its broadcasting license in Berlin, but brought the problem into discussions with media regulators from all countries, the joint agency program, Advertising, and media literacy.

According to a Zeit article from 2015, “cult commissioners and addiction therapists” are familiar with numerous addiction-like courses in which callers get caught up, remain silent for a long time because of shame, and gradually telephone high sums. The article cites the Munich addiction therapist Christoph Teich, who has already advised many of those affected. '70 percent women, most of them single, from all educational levels.' ”

Astro TV is aware of the problem of telephone costs and points out the possible high telephone costs in its terms of use and advises to check the call behavior regularly.


The transmitter can be received digitally all day and via large digital cable networks such as Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, Unitymedia, or Kabel BW. In addition, Astro TV is or was also included in the regular program of Hamburg1 (until August 2014) and sonnenklar.TV at certain broadcast times. Until January 1, 2011, Astro TV could also be received via Astra 19.2 ° East from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

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