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 Posted on June 15, 2017, and last modified on 8 months ago.

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We are a Catholic community of love and worship that communicates the Good News of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The mission of the Canção Nova Community is to evangelize, communicate Jesus and the new life that He came to bring, through meetings and, preferentially, but not exclusively, through the media. The Canção Nova Community operates in the areas of education, health, arts, culture, and social promotion, with the specific objective of contributing concretely to the transformation of human beings and social structures.

It aims at the formation of new men for a new world, through evangelization, in order to prepare and hasten the Lord's glorious coming. Participate in the grace that has been given to the Church today: a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and sent to carry out her mission in communion with the whole Church.

How it all began

The history of Canção Nova, not by chance, mixes with the life and ministry of its founder Monsignor Jonas Abib. Jonas Abib was a seminarian and was doing his final year of theology. The Lord began to act on this man of God - from a poor childhood lived in the neighborhood of Vila Nova Cachoeirinha, on the outskirts of São Paulo - when he least expected it. He became ill and was transferred to Lavrinhas, in the Paraíba Valley, in the interior of São Paulo.

He did not know it yet, but the Lord was already pushing him towards what would become his “field of action” and showing him the place where he would accomplish what had always been determined by Him. As he did not get better from his illness, the young seminarian was sent to the hospital in Piquete, also in the interior of São Paulo. They were God's ways. At that same time, in the Diocese of Lorena (SP), there would be a “Mariapolis”, a type of meeting held by the Focolare's. Even weakened, Jonah participated because he felt a call from the Lord. And behold, He did not fail! Her personal encounter with Jesus took place there.

“God was subversive with me! It gave me a disease; she took me to the Paraíba Valley, in Piquete; and then, in Lorena, she took me to the meeting. The impressive thing is that after the ordering, the headaches, the 'shuffling' of sight disappeared; everything disappeared! It was a pretext from God, ”recalls Monsignor Jonas Abib.

In 1968, the first meetings with young people began.

The basis of the mission was to provide them with a personal encounter with Christ. At the end of 1969, young Jonas discovered that he was tuberculous and transferred to a sanatorium in Campos do Jordão (SP); where, in addition to being treated, he spent several months evangelizing. Concerned about his recovery, his superiors sent him back to Lorena. It was God at work again!

Meeting with Father Haroldo Rahn

On November 2, 1971, the Lord gave Jonas the “checkmate”. Father Haroldo Rahn, of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, offered a meeting for Lorena's seminarians on the outpouring and gifts of the Holy Spirit. “I didn't really understand what the Renewal was; neither what were effusion and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. However, I wished them with all my heart. I understood that it was what I lacked! ”, Monsignor shares.

From then on, the journey towards what is now the Canção Nova Community began. Beginning in 1972, prayer experiences began in Espírito Santo, in Lorena (SP). Thus, Father Jonas already touched on what was the essence of his mission: to prepare a favorable environment so that people could have a personal encounter with Christ and receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The need for an appropriate meeting place began to emerge. Providentially, a farm in Areias (SP) appeared and, from there, the Associação Canção Nova was born. Two years later, the first Mission House began to be built in the neighboring city, in Queluz (SP). Named “Canção Nova - Casa de Maria”. In June 1976 the girls' Maranathá was held.

Inspirational call

In 1976 Father Jonas received from Dom Antônio Affonso de Miranda, at the time bishop of the diocese of Lorena (SP), the mission of putting into practice the Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Nuntiandi”: Evangelization in the Contemporary World, signed by Pope Paul IV on 8 December and published on December 21, 1975. When presenting it to Father Jonas, Dom Antônio said: “It is time to evangelize because the baptized are not evangelized. As you work with young people, start with them. Do something!".

Beginning in 1976, Father Jonas started to organize meetings called “Catechumenates” - a catechesis course for young people. In this way, what the document presented by Dom Antônio said to the letter: “… it appears that the conditions of the current world make catechetical teaching, in the form of a catechumenate, more and more urgent for many young people and adults who, touched by grace, gradually discover the face of Christ and experience the need to surrender to him. ”(EN, n. 44).

In 1977, at the feast of Cristo Rei, moved by inspiration from God, Father Jonas felt impelled to launch a challenge to young people: “Who wants to give a year of life to God, to live in community and do what I do with you?"

Twelve young people accepted the challenge and on February 2, 1978, the Canção Nova community began.

The next chapter of the document, providentially, would mark the direction of Canção Nova: evangelize through the media: “In our century so marked by the mass media, or social media, the first announcement, catechesis or the deepening of the interior of faith, it cannot fail to use these means as we have already had occasion to emphasize. Put at the service of the Gospel, these means are likely to expand, almost to the infinite, the field so that the Word of God can be heard and make the Good News reach millions of people. The Church would feel guilty before her Lord if she did not use these powerful means that human intelligence makes more and more perfect. It is by using them that the message that she is the depositary is 'proclaimed on the terraces'. In them, you find a modern and effective version of the pulpit. Thanks to them, he is able to speak to the crowds ”(EN, n.45).

We were born from the need to evangelize and to evangelize.

Everything that Canção Nova is today was born from this pontifical document on evangelization and from a concrete experience: evangelization. Dom Antônio was sent by the Lord to define things, but he did not imagine the scope of what he was doing. Sometime later, Father Jonas and his young missionaries took up residence in Cachoeira Paulista, a city in the interior of São Paulo. In 1979, shortly after the Rebalhão - open retreat held during the Carnival days, in Cruzeiro (SP) -, construction began on four houses in Cachoeira Paulista.

As they only gained a strip of land, it was not convenient to spread more houses because they knew they would need the remaining area for other buildings; then, only one house was made. Canção Nova, this “little piece of heaven”, as pilgrims who visit this Eucharistic territory used to call it, despite starting very small, boldly, from the faith and trust of this great man of God: Father Jonas Abib, who has already he sensed what Canção Nova would become, became a great center of evangelization, built through many struggles and deep experience of abandoning Divine Providence. Today, missionaries, friends, collaborators, evangelizing partners, partners, people who, perhaps, will never become known, form this beautiful family called Canção Nova!

Pontifical Recognition

On October 12, 2008, the Canção Nova Community was recognized by the Holy See as an International Private Association of the Faithful, which attests to its Christian-ecclesial authenticity, approves its Statutes and confirms its trajectory of communion with the Catholic Church.

With a presence in several states in Brazil and abroad, the Canção Nova Community has the mission of evangelizing, communicating Jesus and the new life that He came to bring, through the Encounters and, preferentially, but not exclusively, through the media. It also operates in the areas of education, health, arts, culture, and social promotion, with the specific objective of contributing concretely to the transformation of human beings and social structures. Its purpose is the formation of new men for the New World, through evangelization, in order to prepare and hasten the Lord's glorious coming.

Looking at history, today we recognize our calling and our sending. We were born out of the call that the diocesan bishop made before the word of the Church, which urged the need to evangelize in today's world and for that we were sent.

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