Google Chrome 74 has a great Lazy Loading feature

A new feature called Lazy Loading promises to help you no longer have to wait for Google Chrome to reload the entire page while surfing the web.

Google Chrome 74 has a great Lazy Loading feature
Google Chrome 74 has a great Lazy Loading feature

Google Chrome 74 has a great Lazy Loading feature

 Posted on May 2, 2019 and last modified on 7 months ago

One of the features Google hid when publishing Chrome 74, that is Lazy Loading. This is a promising feature that will help this browser load pages faster without consuming too many resources.

However, at this point, Lazy Loading is just an experimental feature and if you want to experience it soon, you need to enable it in the settings of Google Chrome.

enable Lazy Loading on Google Chrome 74

Lazy Loading clipboard is a feature that allows the browser to download important content of the page and only actually download more content when you pull the page down. This may not seem like a new feature, but this is the first time Google has brought it to an official version of Chrome.

Basically, if integrated on the browser as default, Lazy Loading will help to download web content faster and avoid excessive bandwidth usage and download unnecessary content. Meanwhile, without Lazy Loading, the browser will almost load the entire content of the site even if the user does not need to visit or access it.

As explained by Google, the Lazy Loading feature is a technique to block the loading of unnecessary content while loading pages. Instead, those content will only be downloaded when needed.

Especially with content pages with many images and videos, Lazy Loading will help to load pages faster, consume fewer resources and bandwidth. Best of all, users don't need to worry about having to see unnecessary content. Thereby this feature will contribute to improving the performance of computers and browsers.

To enable Lazy Loading on Google Chrome 74, you can do it the following way:

Chrome 74 Stable is out with Lazy Loading support

  1. Load chrome://flags/#enable-lazy-image-loading in the browser's address bar and set it to Enabled.
  2. Load chrome://flags/#enable-lazy-frame-loading and enable it as well.
  3. Restart Google Chrome.