Enabling Flash for Google Chrome (Windows/Macintosh)

Chrome comes built in with its own version of Flash, you are not required to install a separate plugin to enable Flash in Chrome. Follow the steps below for enabling flash on specific website domains.


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Enabling Flash for Google Chrome (Windows/Macintosh)
Enabling Flash for Google Chrome (Windows/Macintosh)

Enabling Flash for Google Chrome (Windows/Macintosh)

 Published on November 19, 2018 and last modified on April 21, 2019

Google Chrome has disabled the Flash Player plugin by default, this will, of course, affect all Flash Player base Media player on our website.

Because the plugin is disabled you will not be able to play the media player you love. Fear not, however!

You can manually change the plugin status in your browser settings in order to have it running again by following the steps given by Adobe, simply follow this link: Enable for Chrome

Google Chrome

If you still have issues please contact us so we can try and assist you!

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