AB Channel. Who we are?

AB Channel, satellite broadcaster on the Sky platform, channel 835, with coverage throughout Italy, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and later on the Americas market with IPTV technology, was established in Abruzzo in 2006.

AB Channel. Who we are?
AB Channel. Who we are?

AB Channel. Who we are?

 Posted on December 10, 2018 and last modified on 6 months ago

From the beginning, it is characterized as generalist TV dealing with the main topics of news, politics, economy, current affairs, sports, and entertainment.

AB Channel. Who we are?
AB Channel. Who we are?

Thanks to a professional and efficient editorial structure, both in Abruzzo and in Rome, AB Channel is able to realize productions on site, with the participation also of the public, in external and direct satellite at major events.

It is to the extraordinary cultural, artistic, natural heritage of the traditions of the various regional realities as well as to the "made in Italy" brand that is dedicated to a lot of energy.

The fundamental mission of AB Channel is, in fact, the diffusion and enhancement of territorial identities in the global village.


AB Channel was born on 12 June 2006 by the will of the Abruzzo entrepreneur Marino Spada. From that date it broadcasts on Hot Bird satellites in free to air mode and in the early years it was visible on channel 835 of the Sky Italia satellite platform.

The name of the channel is based on the initial letters of the name "Abruzzo". On the information side, he had his own editorial staff, a headquarters and a production center in Atri, an external editorial office in Rome and in 2010 he also opened a production center in Milan. It was present in the Americas widespread in IPTV technology.

In this phase, AB Channel had a generalist programming, proposing some replicas of cartoons, B-series films, lottery directories, and teleshopping. The issue was moved to the numbering of Sky Italia, passing from channel 920 to channel 835.

Since 2009, in addition to satellite broadcasting, the broadcaster has been transmitted through digital terrestrial, making agreements with various companies that own television mux.

Initially, AB Channel was hosted nationwide or seminarian by Telecom Italia with LCN 97 frequently changing mux. In fact, it appeared on the mux TIMB 1 only in the all-digital areas and on the mux TIMB 2 only in the areas remaining from June 15, 2009, even if only the first copy was active, while the other was often black screen.

From 19 February 2010 the signal is also obscured on the mux TIMB 1, becoming invisible on the terrestrial digital, until 18-19 March AB Channel is deleted and moved on the mux TIMB 3 (broadcast only in all-digital areas) where it resumes to transmit permanently, while the black screen copy on TIMB 2 is expanded nationally.

However, already on March 22nd, there is a further exchange: the copy on the mux TIMB 3 is deactivated, to be then eliminated on March 29, while the one on the TIMB 2 begins to broadcast in the all-digital areas and remains black in the remaining ones.

The situation remains stable until May 18, 2010, the day of the reconfiguration of the much digital mux, AB Channel goes black also on the all-digital version of the mux TIMB 2 and stays there for almost three months until it is eliminated on October 13, 2010.

The day after, it will be re-inserted on the TIMB 1 mux only in the non-all-digital areas, always black for a few days before being completely removed by October 19th.

Meanwhile AB Channel passes to be visible on a network of local mux with variable LCN, mode that will be maintained in the following years, although it does not allow national coverage to all effects: in Lombardy is present from July to October 19, 2010 on the mux of Canale 6-Telelombardia (UHF 30), in Campania and in lower Lazio from 2 August to 5 December 2010 on the mux of Naples Canale 21. After almost a year of absence, AB Channel returns more extensively on other local mux: in Lombardy with LCN 651 on mux SolRegina Po from 19 November 2011, in Abruzzo on mux Tv6 from March 2012 initially with LCN 15 and then with LCN 634.

From February 2012 Ab Channel repeats part of the programming of the TV6 broadcaster from 7 pm to midnight.

From 30 March to 6 April 2012 AB Channel returns for a very short period in national on the Mux Retecapri with LCN 120 instead of Retecapri2 and is repeated also on the LCN 149 in place of Capri Casino.

It is also repeated, for short periods, in the mix of Atv7, of Tvr Voxson, of Antennae Nordest, of Europa 7 HD (the latter only diffused in DVB-T2 mode).

Since 2013, the issuer is no longer widespread in any terrestrial digital mux, and remains visible only on Sky Italia channel 835: with the frequency free to air, the broadcaster is visible throughout Europe, the Middle East and in part Africa.

From 21st November 2014 AB Channel is hosted for a short period in terrestrial digital terrestrial on the mux Telestar, it retransmits in sometimes the programs of the broadcaster March TV Vera TV and sometimes has different programming with respect to the satellite: it is then deleted on 3 July 2015 some days of the black screen.

With the abandonment of digital terrestrial television, AB Channel opens a second phase, in which the programming is mainly composed of prophylaxis transmissions, that is dedicated to the predictions and the numerology related to the lottery game.

The broadcaster is also available on streaming on TVdream, a website that allows you to view, in a completely legal manner, free satellite and/or digital terrestrial TV channels.

From 25 January 2018, AB Channel is also available as an independent channel on terrestrial digital in Piedmont, broadcast on the Grp mux with LCN 617, while some local broadcasters connect to the channel at some hours of the day, broadcasting programs of theology and similar.

In addition to these, the program includes sports broadcasts, some films (especially in the nighttime schedule) and telenovelas. In November 2018 it also aired in some areas of Lombardy on the mux Video star (B), on the LCN 186 with the wrong identifier "ditv Turismo".

  • Channel - satellite TV, Radio channel
  • Position - position of satellites on orbit
  • Frequency - the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time
  • Band - electromagnetic spectrum, C-band (4 to 8 GHz), Ku band (11.2 GHz to 14.5 GHz)
  • SR - symbol rate, modulation rate
  • FEC - forward error correction, channel coding
  • Encryption - encrypted or free to air (FTA)

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